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Here's a shelter for you.

Here I'll keep you safe like a hunted dove I have rescued from the hawk's talons

5 May 1992
I'm not a big deal, I'm not important in the grand scheme of things, and I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise.
I take pictures and eat too much and I like to read books. I watch movies sometimes, I make icons, and I don't mind being alone with myself. I still like dolls, I get crushes on mostly gay guys, and I'm excited to leave home. I like the idea of destruction yet I'd be sad if anyone I love got hurt. I love to write, I have unlimited texting and will talk to anyone (704-728-5981), and I don't get along with my mom as much as she thinks I do. My brother has a tattoo, I don't have my ears pierced, and I barely know how to use my new camera. I love kids, I'm afraid of dogs sometimes, and I blush too easily. I cry all the time, I'm always laughing, and I love laying on the ground outside in the dirt or grass. I'm not beautiful to you but I love the way I look, I try to always smell good, and I love paper. I wear makeup most of the time, I buy clothes that I think I'll be able to wear in the future, and I don't care if I make a lot of money or sense while I'm alive as long as I'm happy. I'm bisexual(sometimes), I've been to New York City, and I was born in Florida. I've never been kissed, I find music fascinating, and I could sit and watch people for hours.
I tell the internet too much about myself, I'm shy in real life, and I call myself Kimberly.
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